Hands-On Organizing

Together, we’ll create the beautiful, organized home of your dreams!

Hands-On Organizing is perfect for you if:

  • You live in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, or Mississauga area (or you don’t mind paying for my travel within Ontario).
  • You’re ready to make some serious changes to how your room/whole home functions
  • You’d love to have someone show you where to start and help you with throughout the process.
  • You need an expert to develop a CLEAR,  CUSTOMIZED PLAN for how to approach your organizing project.

Most of all, you really want someone to

  •  GUIDE you, SUPPORT you, and HELP you to alleviate the very big burden of clutter and disorganization in your life (but that someone has to be kind, skilled, flexible, and non-judgy)!


All Packages include a  FREE In Home Consultation and my All Inclusive Package Features (as below)

100% Confidentiality  100% Support   0% Judgement


Your FREE In Home Consultation (no obligation)

Removal of all donated items to charity of your choice

Expert product recommendations

Travel Fees (up to 80km round trip)

A customized, step by step plan for your project

Online sourcing/shopping for organizing products

Creation of a personalized Pinterest Inspiration & Products page

Assembly and simple installations

Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to help you maintain the changes!

Email/Tel support for up to 3 months post-project

Unlimited emotional support!

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

*applies to all Packages

All inclusive home organizing Burlington, Ontario

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