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We create beautifully decluttered, organized and functional spaces that are easy to maintain. You'll free up your time, energy and money by living organized!

Are You Ready To Create A Calm, Functional, And Well Organized Home That Stays That Way?

What a life-changing experience! Allison and her team made my home so beautiful and functional. The amount organized and cleared out was amazing, I am so happy with my experience and would most definitely recommend doing this. It took me awhile to finally book it and I am so happy I did. Well worth the money!!

- A Happy Client in Ancaster

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- A Thrilled Homeowner in Waterdown



Is The State Of Your 
Home Causing You...



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You’ve landed in the right place. This is the next step towards a happier home-life. On the other side of clutter is the peace you’re searching for.
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Everything Has A


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We See Past The Clutter
We See You!

Allison Moon Professional Organizing is a home organizing company that serves Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara Region and surrounding areas.

We are a team of compassionate, efficient, and detail-oriented organizers. With every project, our goal is to offer the guidance, support and hands-on assistance our clients need throughout the process of decluttering and organizing.

Our true passion is supporting people as they transform their own homes and make space for what's most important. No matter what your stage of life (or the state of your home), I promise you will receive nothing but compassion, positivity, and a fun and functional approach to home organizing.
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  • “What a relief! That was painless. And the transformation of our basement storage area is amazing. I cannot believe how clean the workbench is, or that we have all floor space back. Kristen and Kate were lovely and worked so quickly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
    - Krista O. | Entrepreneur & Mom
  • "What an amazing day. These ladies just rock!! I highly recommend this service to anyone overwhelmed, &  unaware of where to start. Call Allison, you won't be disappointed!"
    - Miki B.
  • Allison made an impossible task of buying everything for my bathroom renno a breeze. In one afternoon we bought and ordered every piece, tile and fixture we needed. She has a keen eye and is sensitive to my taste and I can't wait to do my kitchen with her.
    - Kitty K. 

What Are Your Barriers?

 There are ways to create the order your desire, regardless of your struggles. We know the tricks and strategies to help you. Below are the 3 most common reasons that people struggle with clutter and disorder. Sound familiar? We promise, there is hope!  Let's get started.

Can't Focus

These are people that live with ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed), acquired brain injuries, depression or other mental health concerns.

Can't Let Go

These are people who are very attached to their personal belongings often because these items evoke memories of people/events from their past. They tend to be sentimental. These are often people who may enjoy shopping and accumulating more items than they can properly store.

Can't Find Time

These are typically people with extremely busy lives. There is simply no time to keep up with everything happening in the home. As a result, clutter grows and the home can become very disorganized and stress-provoking.


We are a team of compassionate, efficient, and detail-oriented organizers. With every project, our goal is to offer the guidance, support, and hands-on assistance our clients need throughout the process of decluttering and organizing.

Our Aim Is To Create a 
Experience For You!

Our expertise and problem-solving abilities will help you create a beautifully organized home that contains only what you love, use, and need!

You'll love your efficient and well-organized home. We guarantee it!
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In-Home Organizing

How It Works

How to book your session(s) with the Allison Moon Professional Organizing team.
1. Fill out the Contact Form
Connect with Allison
2. Choose & Pay for Your Package
3. Schedule session(s), 
get organized, and start to 
breathe again!

Choose From Three Packages

Each session is 3 hours in length for one organizer.
HST applies to all packages.


1 Session
(3 hours total)



4 Sessions
(12 hours total)



8 Sessions
(24 hours total)


Our Values

We’re here to help, not to judge! We treat our clients with the utmost respect and confidentiality.


As a National Association member, we are held to a high standard for maintaining your confidentiality.


We provide hands-on support and creative storage solutions and systems that make daily life easier.


We are only interested in helping you, not in judging you. Our focus is to help you get organized and move on with your life.



We Are Committed
To Your Success

We are committed to your success. For this reason, we offer Maintenance Services that will help you stay on track and maintain the changes we have made together duing your initial organizing sessions.

Organizing is not a ‘one time’ event in our lives. Life will continue to bring new seasons and phases and, with that, more STUFF.

It’s one thing to ‘get organized’ and quite another to ‘stay organized’. You have invested so much to get to where you are today - your time, money, focus, emotions and so on. Why not protect that investment? Why not continue to learn new skills and habits that will help you become a more organized person?
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Two Maintenance Packages

There are 2 options available. You can choose one, the other or both!

Maintenance Organizing Sessions

These are similar to the initial Organizing Sessions. The focus will be on decluttering, organizing and tweaking the systems we put into place initially. You can use the time however you like.

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Deep Dive Sessions with Allison Moon

These are hour long Zoom calls where we take a closer look at the issues that make it difficult to maintain order at home. We can explore the roadblocks, the mindset, the emotional challenges, the systems - whatever you like! Basically, it’s a way to receive the support we may not have time to give during a hands-on session. Self awareness + Skills + Habits + Support = A more organized YOU!

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Create Lasting  Change

To make lasting change (and become the organized pro you long to be!), it takes effort, intention, and habit change. However, with some good self-reflection combined with the best SKILLS and TOOLS, we believe you can do it. We’ll guide you in the right direction and give you all the support you need.

With Maintenance services you can:

• Continue to declutter - the next layer!
• Put more products into place and beautify/label more areas.
• Tweak household systems that aren’t quite working
• Build on your decision making skills
• Work with other family members to help them get on board
• Build habits and skills to maintain lasting change
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  • "My experience was great. We got a lot done in 3 hours. It was like reclaiming a part of my house that now I'll enjoy working in more. It is worth it to have a pair of hands guiding the way and helping you reach your goal for your space. Professional and easy to work with. The best time I've ever had clearing a room!"
    - Angela M.
  • Allison is truly one of the most caring and thoughtful people I have met. Her passion for helping people is very clear! I would highly recommend her for both my clients and personally.
    - Lindsay M. 
  • Very happy to have worked with Allison on my project. Would gladly hire her again. Professional, trustworthy, and excellent at keeping me on the task in a calm manner. I currently suffer from PTSD, so the latter was very important for me.
    - Jennifer B. 

Take Back Control
Of Your Life Today!

If you’ve finally had enough of your messy, disorganized home, it’s time to call Allison Moon. At last you can live in a home that supports your lifestyle and brings you a sense of calm. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s no way you can lose!
Providing hands-on professional organizing to Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara region, & surrounding areas. 

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