“Allison transformed our house into a home!”

Your First Step to Getting Organized!

Imagine living in a home that makes you feel at peace, where every item has a home and where unexpected visitors are always welcome!  I can help you make this happen!

If you’re here, it’s very likely that disorganization is taking a toll on your life and costing you time, energy, clarity and peace of mind! If you’re like most of the women I work with you’ve tried everything and you’ve had ENOUGH!  

This is your time!  Let’s create the organized and beautiful home of your dreams together.

3 Simple Steps will get you moving in the right direction, my friend.

1- Watch my Welcome Video to the left.

2-Check out my All Inclusive Packages to see which one might suit your needs and budget. If you have no idea, no problem! I’ll help with that..


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3-Connect with me at 289-829-3223 or click below for more info or to book you FREE In Home Consultation.

Using my D.R.E.A.M Method we’ll tackle the clutter and the chaos and make your home feel like heaven!

I Promise….it’s possible to love your home again!


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Why Do YOU Want to Get Organized?

  • To feel ‘lighter’, freer, and empowered

  • For greater peace of mind, less distraction & less stress

  • More time with the people you love

  • Relief from embarrassment & feeling ‘stuck’

  • To prepare your home for a sale or a life transition

  • To move on from past relationships & difficult memories

Ready to schedule your FREE In Home Consultation?

 I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Allison Moon and I’m a Professional Organizer serving Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding area.  promise, you’re not alone with this struggle!  I meet clients every day just like you.   If you’re longing to bring order to your home and peace to your life, you’ve come to the right place!

So, who am I? Well, I have 3 little kids who light up my world and who tear my house apart on a daily basis!  I understand what an uphill battle household organization can be! I’m a cancer survivor and understand how the curve balls thrown at us can limit our ability to manage even the basic tasks of daily life.

I am in love with all things organizing! However, my passion is helping people.  Over the years, I have learned that the ONE thing people need most is compassion.  We all have our struggles and, sometimes, we just need a professional to come alongside and help us through a difficult time.

As an organizer, it’s my aim to do just that.  You are more than your clutter! For over 20 years I have worked as a mental health occupational therapist. Turns out this experience has been a fabulous fit with my current career as a Pro Organizer.

No matter what your stage of life (or the state of your home!), I promise that you will receive nothing but compassion, positivity and no hint of judgement. Oh, and I work FAST… really FAST!

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So, Are You Ready?

Ready for the mental clarity, time, freedom and peace of mind that comes with living in a BEAUTIFULLY organized home?

Choose the option below that seems just right for you! Not sure? No problem… We can figure that out during the ‘no pressure’ Free In Home Consultation!

Most Popular!

Perfect if you’d like guidance and support throughout the process, as we work together.

You’ll be amazed at how much we can accomplish in one session. Not interested in the hands-on? Not a problem!

Technology is Our Friend!  

Perfect if you’re comfortable using digital tools and you don’t mind working on your own.

You are given an expert step-by-step plan, some coaching along the way and a kind accountability partner.

It Doesn’t Have to Be All Or Nothing!  

A budget-friendly option if you have some time on your hands and the motivation to work alone.

What you really need is a vision for your space and customized step-by-step plan with expert product recommendations.

How Does It Work?

YOU are in the driver’s seat, I’m the passenger with the MAP!



I’m like a PERSONAL TRAINER for your home!  I will guide, support and empower you to make decisions about what stays and what goes. Your ‘decluttering muscle’ will get stronger with every decision. You will feel lighter in no time!


Once you have only what you love and use, it will be far easier to create a beautifully organized home.  I will recommend the best STORAGE OPTIONS that are effective, beautiful and easy to maintain.  Instead of being scattered, distracted and overwhelmed, you will experience the fabulous feeling of knowing exactly where every item in your house is located!

Household Systems and Flow

The key to household ‘flow’ is having CUSTOMIZED SYSTEMS for your family and your lifestyle.  I can help with anything from paper work to time management systems to ensure that your home-life is running as efficiently as possible.


Downsizing & Moving

Let’s remove any unused/unneeded items from your home so you’re only packing what you love and need.  If you are downsizing, I will help with space planning so that you know exactly what items will fit in your new home.  Having a beautifully organized home will ensure that you sell your home quickly and for the right price!


Want to see more transformations?


Are you looking for fresh Tips, Tricks and Hacks to help you get organized?

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Allison Moon

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