Decluttering: 7 FREE Acts of Self Care

A women decluttering, sorting and donating clothing

Have you ever considered the act of decluttering as a way to take great care of yourself?

What pops up when you think of self care? Likely a weekend away, a bubble bath, or a spa experience? It’s less likely that your mind wanders to a fun night of decluttering your pantry.

However, if you’re like me, you feel amazing and refreshed when purging items from your precious space. So, before we dive in, let’s define self care – any action we take, or action we avoid, that helps us on our journey to stay calm, happy, and healthy. Pretty simple, right? We know when we’re doing it right because our insides seem to settle and our mind starts to calm. 

Living and working in a cluttered and disorganized space can take a toll on anyone. Can you relate to feeling overwhelmed when it comes to the cluttered state of your home? You’d likely agree that it feels quite the opposite of ‘self-care’.  

While decluttering might seem like a superficial chore, its power  goes far beyond having more room to store your shoes. When you start decluttering and organizing your physical space, you create mental space. You open pathways that lead to a greater understanding of yourself, your priorities, and your life goals. If this isn’t the ultimate self care act, I don’t know what is!

As a Professional Organizer it’s exciting to help my clients discover HOW they want to live, how they want to interact with their space and, how their environment can serve them.

Decluttering and creating an organized space isn’t just about your home, it’s about you!

You’re not just organizing your space, you’re taking the time to put yourself first and treat yourself to a much, much, deserved act of self-care. Item by item, decluttering has the ability to uplift your mood and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. In turn, your relationships with others are likely to improve.

Start treating decluttering as an act of self-care and experience the lasting peace that comes with living in a home you love.


Read on for 7 ways that decluttering will help with your self care.

1. Makes Your Life Easier

Creating an organized home isn’t a vanity project! It’s about streamlining daily life and making our space work FOR us. It’s about saving time and limiting frustration.

You will become more efficient, more productive and undoubtedly more laser-focused on your goals.

We might daydream of having that “Pinterest perfect” home, but getting caught up in perfectionism actually creates ‘action paralysis’.  Instead, let’s focus on getting our homes to a state we can live with, one step at a time.

By taking some time to put yourself first in this way, you will enjoy an easy flow to your day. Life can be tough enough without having a home that trips us up on a daily basis!

If you’re about to tackle an organizing project in your home, start here. These are 3 questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you empty the cupboards.


2. Understanding yourself is an act of self care.

Home organizing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Some people love to be surrounded by personal belongings and take joy in the memories and feelings evoked. In fact, for some, living in a home with lots of belongings on display is actually a great comfort.  For others, it’s hard to plan the day until every last dish is put away and the counters are cleared.  

Weère all different. It only matters what works for you.  So, what allows you to live your best life and remain at peace?  

There is no universal way to organize our homes or our household systems.  Certainly there are tried and true organizing principles that apply to everyone. However, the truly right way to organize your home is to discover the way that works for you! Stop comparing ourselves to others and recognize that your way is the right way for your space!

Once you determine how you like your space, how you want to organize, store and retrieve your items, a space for self-acceptance can open up in your life.

Your signature organizing style could take any number of forms. Do you value eco-friendly organization systems? Is a minimal approach actually what’s best for you? Perhaps a more eclectic approach would be your jam?

Self care activities

3. Reduce the Friction Points in your Day

Reducing daily stress is an act of self care.

We’ve all been there. You’re rushing out the door and can’t seem to locate your keys.  You’re kicking yourself for not having a single place you always leave them! Although we all have different tolerances for clutter, no one likes to be searching endlessly for misplaced belongings.  We all have our limits and could do without the daily annoyances.  

For many, physical clutter acts as ‘background noise’ in their life and can create an underlying sense of anxiety.  

When our home is chaotic and cluttered, it reflects back & unsettles us in ways we may not even be aware of. Clutter can set a tone for our mood and have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we move through our day.  

What better way to practice a little self-care than finding some ways to reduce stress in your life? You don’t have to make any major life decisions.  Simply start by doing a little decluttering. See if you can create a home environment that reflects how you want to feel on the inside: calm, in control, at peace!

4. Clear your Mind

Clarity is an act of self care.

Sometimes clutter is blocking us from thinking straight and from working on our personal goals. Once you declutter the your home, you’ll begin to experience the freedom and clarity you need to focus on your personal life goals.  

If your home wasn’t hindering you from working on your goals, imagine how far you could go?

Is healthy eating one of your personal goals? It’s difficult and uninspiring to prepare meals in a kitchen that is cluttered and messy.  Instead, you may find yourself grabbing something quick (read: unhealthy) so that you can leave the kitchen quickly.  Imagine if you could actually locate the veggies in your fridge? Now imagine if you had the counter space to actually chop those veggies?

So much of self-care is about going after the things that make you feel healthy and happy.

If you want to discover your personal style on the way to creating a more organized and efficient home, book an in home or virtual organizing session with us.  We’ll walk you through the entire process and help you create a space that fits you perfectly.  

A major benefit of decluttering and structuring your home is that you’ll start to see possibilities and feel ready to tackle your goals head on.

home organizing

5. Feel Empowered

Self empowerment is the ultimate self care.

Decluttering can change your outlook and motivation by giving you a sense of control over your life. When helping my clients declutter and organize, we take it one small step at a time. It’s thrilling to watch confidence grow as they finally make decisions about items they have kept for too long. The ‘decluttering muscles’ start to grow and a sense of empowerment takes over.  

Once you take control of the clutter it sets you up for progress in other areas of your life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that creating an uncluttered, organized home can literally transform your life. I’ve watched women tackle relationship, social and health goals in ways they never dreamed!

The reality of clutter is that it can cause feelings of overwhelm. Check out this article for a step-by-step plan for getting organized.

6. Helps you Settle into your ‘Nest’

Creating a comfy, cozy ‘nest’ is an act of self care. Do you face a cluttered, disorganized mess when you walk through your door at the end of the day? What you really need is to come home to a little ‘nest’, a place that feels inviting and simple.  It’s difficult to practice self care and positive self talk in a home that screams ‘chaos’.

At the end of a long, hard day, a place that feels comforting and peaceful is just what you need. Having this space allows you to regroup and re-energize yourself so that you can face the next day.

Once relaxed

Whether that’s curling up with a book or playing games with your family, allowing yourself to enjoy your safe haven is such an important way to practice self-care.


7. Improves Your Mental Health

Reducing the strain on your mental health is an act of self care.

If you’re dealing with confusion, stress, or even depression, making changes to your home environment can help.

The very same feelings holding us back from getting organized- overwhlem, shame, guilt, anxiety – are actually make worse by the lack of organization.

It’s actually quite a vicious cycle that can paralyze us from taking action. This is the point at which my clients typically reach out for my help.

If you live with mental health concerns and suspect your cluttered home is making it worse, maybe today can be your ‘Day 1’. Consider spending even 10 minutes a day to begin tidying your space.  It will make a difference. If your mental health concerns are more significant – or the piles of clutter are too high to tackle alone, please reach out to a trusted friend or a Professional Organizer for help.  

Your self care is of utmost importance.  Address your physical space first. This will pave the way towards other habits and efforts that will improve your mental health and well being.

You’re Worth This!

Getting organized can reduce your stress, increase productivity, and empower you in all aspects of life.

So, the next time you’re thinking about practicing self-care, bring decluttering and organizing into the conversation!

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to home organizing.  Reflect on the type of order you’re longing for and then find a method that will help you get there. If you’re still feeling stuck and want to talk to someone about getting organized, book a free consultation with me.  The consultations are free. I’d love to help you bring this act of self care into your life.  You’re worth this!