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Maintenance Services

We offer services that will help you maintain the amazing changes made during your initial organizing sessions.Book A Free Consultation

We Are Committed
To Your Success

We are committed to your success. For this reason, we are offering services that will help you maintain the amazing changes made during your initial organizing sessions.

Organizing is not a ‘one time’ event in our lives. Life will continue to bring new seasons and phases and, with that, more STUFF.

It’s one thing to ‘get organized’ and quite another to ‘stay organized’. You have invested so much to get to where you are today - your time, money, focus, emotions and so on. Why not protect that investment? Why not continue to learn new skills and habits that will help you become a more organized person?
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Two Maintenance Options

There are 2 options available. You can choose one, the other or both!

Maintenance Organizing Sessions

These are similar to the initial Organizing Sessions. The focus will be on decluttering, organizing and tweaking the systems we put into place initially. You can use the time however you like.

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Deep Dive Sessions with Allison Moon

These are 1 hour Zoom calls where we explore YOUR CHALLENGES maintaining order at home. We can talk about  the roadblocks, the mindset, the emotional challenges, the history, the systems - whatever you like! Basically, it’s a way to receive the support we may not have time to give you during the in-home session. 

Do you need an ADHD Coach? Let's talk and see if we're a good fit. 

With more than 25 years as a mental health OT working in a variety of therapeutic settings, I have the coaching skills to help you achieve your goals!

Self awareness + Skills + Habits + Support = A more organized YOU! 

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Create Lasting  Change

To make lasting change (and become the organized pro you long to be!), it takes effort, intention, and habit change. However with some good self-reflection combined with the best SKILLS and TOOLS, we believe you can do it. We’ll guide you in the right direction and give you all the support you need.

With Maintenance services you can:

• Continue to declutter - the next layer!
• Put more products into place and beautify/label more areas.
• Tweak household systems that aren’t quite working
• Build on your decision making skills
• Work with other family members to help them get on board
• Build habits and skills to maintain lasting change
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What Are Your Barriers?

There are 3 common reasons that people struggle with getting organized. Sound familiar?

Can't Focus

These are people that live with ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed), acquired brain injuries, depression or other mental health concerns.

Can't Let Go

These are people who are very attached to their personal belongings often because these items evoke memories of people/events from their past. They tend to be sentimental. These are often people who may enjoy shopping and accumulating more items than they can properly store.

Can't Find Time

These are typically people with extremely busy lives. There is simply no time to keep up with everything happening in the home. As a result, clutter grows and the home can become very disorganized.

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