3 Sanity Savers for the Holiday Season

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Would you like to declutter and organize your kitchen in time for Christmas holidays?

It’s hard to believe December is upon us. After all, you might still be stuffed from the Thanksgiving feast and it’s hard to imagine more. More food. More company. More STUFF.

Are you craving the peace and serenity that the Christmas season promises?

If you’re like many, most years end up feeling more scattered than serene, more chaotic than calm.  As a result, we end up in a rather cluttered state between all the extra baking, shopping, and entertaining.

Maybe this year could be different for you?! 

Add these 3 simple steps to your home organizing TO DO list and you’ll feel a little readier to find peace and calm among the holiday chaos that’s surely coming!

1. Declutter unloved, unused, and broken toys

We keep seeing these inspiring articles about minimalism, gifting kids with experiences rather than more toys.  It’s a wonderful goal and, in my family, we’re definitely moving in that direction. However, you’ll still have more items coming into your home than going out over the holidays so you may as well make space.  It’s the perfect time to go through the house and find unloved or unused toys.

Maybe your kids would like to join and help make the decisions? Try to present it as a game! Therefore, they’re less likely to focus on what they’re losing and instead, on what they’re gaining.  For example, “Let’s make room for new toys” and “Let’s find some toys you’re finished with but another child might enjoy”.   With a little help, kids can actually be very good at this and might even surprise you with their decision making powers.

Box or bag the items and send them off to a charity! Also, consider taking your kids along with you to drop the toys off.  That way, you’ll be able to create a significant teaching moment about kindness and gratitude.  Those Mommas who shop at thrift stores will really appreciate your donations.

If you don’t have children (or they’re no longer living with you), go through the same process with books and home decor items.

2. Fridge Clean Out

Holidays are typically celebrated with lots of amazing food. Just think of all the extra baked goods not to mention the leftovers.

Open your fridge and start to remove all expired, unused and irrelevant items (think nearly empty condiment bottles or rejected salad dressings).  Give the fridge a good wipe-down and organize it.

Leave a shelf just for leftovers and label it as such! This is so much better than stuffing everything ‘somewhere’ never to be found until the next fridge clean out. It keeps the leftovers top of mind and you’re more likely to eat them.

Move on to decluttering and organizing your baking shelf/cupboard.  Plan ahead and make sure you’re well stocked for Christmas and you’ll save lots of time, money and hassle. It beats the last minute trips to the local convenience store where you’ll be paying double for those chocolate chips.

3. Clear the Surfaces

Do you find that the piles grow during the holidays and you can barely see the countertops? It’s partly because people are typically home more often and feeling more relaxed.  Get a jump start on the clutter and clear the main horizontal surfaces in your home…think kitchen counters, ledges, table tops, etc.

In a sweeping motion left to right, take a real look at each item and decide if it actually belongs there.  If not, put it where it goes (which might be the donation bin!). Ideally, unless the item is getting used on a daily basis, it might be best to put it away somewhere.

We often get used to seeing lots of stuff on our counters but do you know how it feels when they look streamlined and uncluttered!?  Many of us take a nice deep breath and instantly feel calmer. Is that you?

Okay, this list is short because you’re busy!!

Here’s a quick summary of 3 steps you can take TODAY to organize your home for a more peaceful Christmas season.

  1. Declutter unloved and unused toys and/or books
  2. Clean out fridge and take stock of baking supplies
  3. Clear off horizontal surfaces so that it looks streamlined and uncluttered.

I hope something you’ve read in this post has been helpful for you! Wishing you a lovely and peaceful holiday season.

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