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Common Questions You Ask

What can a Professional Organizer do for me?
At Allison Moon Professional Organizing, our aim is nothing less than to create a transformative experience for you.

Our Professional organizers help you declutter with ease by asking you guiding questions that empower you to make the best possible decisions for you and your family. Our expertise and problem-solving abilities help you create a beautifully organized home that contains what you love, use, and need! The final result is a system that creates so-called ‘zones’ within your home so that you and your family members know exactly where each item is stored and can quickly and easily get to it when you need it. In summary, we not only help you create a systematic storage space once, but we provide you with a proven plan on how you can easily keep it organized and streamlined at all times.

You’ll love your newly refreshed and well-organized home – we guarantee it!
What are the benefits of having my home nicely organized?
There are many benefits to living in an organized home, such as peace of mind, stress reduction, clarity of thought, and a sense of empowerment, to name a few. Every single part of your life becomes more comfortable when you know exactly where everything in your home ‘lives.’ Tidy up becomes more effortless. Shopping becomes simple.

You save money from not repeatedly purchasing the same things over and over just because you can’t find or reach the ones already in your home. You save time wasted on searching for items. The family stress and conflicts are reduced because the home environment is not tripping you up at every turn. But most of all, it’s the sense of ease, enjoyment, and pride you gain by living in a home that feels perfect for you.
Can you help a chronically disorganized person?
I appreciate your concern, and sometimes it is hard to imagine a different reality than the one you’re in. However, while working with us, you will learn a lot about home organization’s key principles. We’ll give you suggestions, tips, hacks, and creative ideas which will help you now and in the future. You’ll learn how to declutter in a way that works for you. You’ll discover what your organizing style is and how it can drastically improve your daily life.

While organizing may not be your superpower, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to discover new skills and see what a difference it makes in your life. It’s often been our experience that after going through this organizing process, the entire family starts to love living organized and gradually form new, more helpful new habits.
Will my sessions with a professional organizer be confidential? 
Absolutely! As members of the Professional Organizers in Canada, we are held to high standards of confidentiality. We know that our clients place a high level of trust in us, and therefore, we take your comfort and privacy very seriously. Before starting our work together, you’ll receive our Service Agreement, where you can read more about our commitment to confidentiality.
Can you help me be more organized? 
This is one of the most common concerns we hear. It may be hard to believe, but we’ve seen worse, I promise!! Your mess won’t surprise us or scare us away. We don’t judge, and our only desire is to help you get your home to a state of organization that works for you and your family. We will focus on the amazing potential for beauty and order in your home!

The fact that you are reaching out for support speaks to your strength and courage, and we admire you for that. Often, this is the first and the most challenging step to overcoming the problem.
What safety measures do you take during the COVID-19 pandemic? 
Our team is committed to your health and that of your family. For this very reason, we will wear masks during our sessions and wash our hands when entering your home. We will also use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the session. Before each session, you will receive an email with COVID-related questions. We will also notify you of any changes in our health status or known exposure to Covid-19.
How long does it take to organize my home?
While every home is different, we pride ourselves on our ability to work extremely quickly and accomplish a lot in each session. However, several factors can influence the time required for each session, such as how quickly you make decisions, the volume of items being organized, and the level of details the organizing requires (i.e. paperwork tends to be more time-consuming). You will receive an estimate after the completion of an In-Home or Virtual Consultation.
What's the purpose of the In-Home or Virtual Consultation?
The Consultation is the perfect place to start. It’s an opportunity for you to share the details about your project, challenges, and goals and ask any questions that may be important to you. It’s imperative that you choose the Professional Organizing team that you feel great about and aligns with your values and goals. For that reason, these consultations are provided at no cost and with no pressure or obligation to purchase an organizing session.
What can I expect during an Organizing Session? 
Each session is 3 hours in length, and we can provide up to 2 sessions per day. The number of Professional Organizers working with you can vary based on the details of the project.

We bring supplies such as garbage/recycling/donation bags, labels, tape measure, etc. If boxes, totes, or other organizing products are also required for the session, we will let you know ahead of time.

Depending on the situation, we may be able to provide simple installations and assembly of organizing products/furniture.

You can expect to work with one or more kind-hearted and non-judgemental professional organizers. We’ll guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary support (and humour) while you are decluttering.

You’ll remain in the driver’s seat at all times (we are like the passenger with the map), and as such, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with us on all aspects of the project. Throughout, you’ll receive pro tips and tricks that can increase your decluttering confidence and help you maintain the changes made. You’ll also receive lots of expert product recommendations as well as the best place to make these purchases. If desired, you’ll receive ideas on room layout, including decor suggestions, which often tie into home organizing. You’ll receive creative solutions to your organizing dilemma! It’s our superpower!
Will I be pressured to throw things away? 
No, you decide what stays and what goes.

Let me explain. We don’t come with expectations about what you should do with your valuables. You remain in charge of every decision. Our role is to offer you the guidance and support you need to make decisions that align with your goals. There is no perfection when it comes to home organizing. Our goal is to give you all the support you need to move forward and create a home that you love.
Will I need to purchase organizing supplies, products, and furniture?
Throughout the process, we may recommend items that would help optimize your home’s organization and beauty. However, it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to make these purchases. Often, there are very creative ways to repurpose items you already have at home.
How are payments made? 
All payments are due in full at the time of booking. Payment options include Credit Card, PayPal, Cheque, Cash and e-Transfer.
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Questions you might be afraid to ask...

Nothing has worked to help me get organized. How will this be different?
The key to any lasting change is understanding. If you are open to learning more about what’s been blocking you from being more organized, we will support you to delve a little deeper. Once you understand the core issues, we can help you make the necessary changes in your lifestyle and routines. Also, we can set up systems that will make sense to you and be easy to maintain.

Most people underestimate how long it actually takes to organize a home, especially when it has become quite cluttered. For some, they’ve started to get organized but didn’t have time to complete the project fully. Often, a bigger mess is created, and it feels like you’ve taken a step (or ten backwards). This only batters your self-confidence and belief that you can make a lasting change.

A professional organizer can accurately assess the whole home and see how one area relates to another. We are also able to complete the job in its entirety. This results in a home that flows with ease from one room to another. If even a few areas are out of order in an otherwise organized home, a domino effect can occur, and the clutter can eventually spill out to the other areas of the house.

In addition to organizing sessions, we also offer custom maintenance packages to help you stay on track for months and years to come.
Are you sure this isn't the worst you've seen?
Honestly, it’s not the worst we’ve seen! Even if it was, we are not approaching this project with judgement. We really love the big, chaotic messes! We are only here to help you declutter, organize, and make the lasting changes you long to make. All of our work together is confidential, and your privacy is of utmost concern to us.
Can you really help me get unstuck
Yes! It’s what we do. As you start the process of decluttering and getting organized, a burden will lift from your shoulders.

Many clients say that it feels like they’ve lost 20 lbs in a matter of a day. When you have experts partnering with you to break the project down into manageable steps, it becomes less overwhelming. Even with big projects, you’ll be amazed by the quick progress we’re able to make together. Your overwhelm will start to decrease early on in the process. We will do everything we can to make the sessions fun and to reduce the stress you’re feeling.
Can I afford the cost of a Professional Organizer? 
For larger projects, hiring a Professional Organizer can be a significant investment of time and finances. Only you know what you can truly afford, but we’ve heard from clients that the result outweighs the investment multiple times (peace of mind, time and money saved, reduced family stress, etc.).

We often underestimate the negative impact the presence of clutter and disorder can have on our lives. It can create mental health issues, affect our social lives, impact relationships, and even interfere with our work and personal goals. It’s essential to ask yourself some of these questions: Can I afford not to invest in myself this way? What will happen if I don’t get the professional help I need at this point? Are the clutter and disorder likely to continue growing and causing bigger problems in my life?
What if I spend all this money and don't keep up with the changes?
While we can’t guarantee you will keep up with the changes, we have seen that the changes are lasting for the people who invest the time and money into getting organized. Once you have the knowledge, tools and new systems in place, long-term success will depend on your willingness to form new habits. Staying organized doesn’t happen by itself. It takes commitment to work at what you’ve learned until it becomes an improved habit. More than likely, your new-found love for your home will be all the inspiration you’ll need to keep it up!
Can't a friend or relative help me organize my home?
It’s possible! However, we find that many of our clients have tried to organize their homes with a trusted family member, friend or neighbour. It hasn’t been effective because that person couldn’t commit to the time required, nor did they have the specific skills needed to guide them through the process. Perhaps most importantly, having a completely neutral person with fresh eyes helping you do this brings less baggage than someone who knows you. It becomes a more straightforward process and protects your relationships (and privacy). Also, there will be no distractions because we focus solely on you and your project/goals.
Why should I hire a professional organizer?
Okay, that one is a little tongue in cheek and gender-biased, but we do hear it a lot! The truth is, no one can be good at everything. It takes a lot of time to get organized, especially when things have gotten out of control and chaotic. At some point, we all end up seeking help/support for some area of our lives. This is not something to be ashamed of but rather to recognize as a reality for most of us.

When someone is experiencing a complete sense of overwhelm and lack of ability to deal with the chaos, it’s very likely affecting other areas of their life. This can become a quality of life issue and is certainly worth considering the investment. Having a professional organizer assist you is the most effective way to resolve the chaos, clutter and disorganization and give you the lasting transformation you’re craving.
Is your own home perfectly organized?
No! I promise my home is far from perfect! With three kids and a big dog, it’s an uphill battle even for someone with the skills! I understand what it’s like to keep up with the challenges of work, home life, kids, and community responsibilities. It feels overwhelming at times. However, in my house, every single item has a home. So, when things get a bit unruly, it’s pretty easy to reign it in and get everything back to lovely. I can help you create the same kind of home!
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